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Pearl Engagement Rings The Complete Guide

Getting engaged to the love of your life is a lifetime experience and being the cherry on the cake is Pearl: an epitome of royalty. From the likes of Ariana Grande, and Emma Stone opting for a Pearl Engagement Ring to Queen Elizabeth donning it proudly on her wedding day, who hasn’t been an avid admirer of Pearl, you tell us! Timeless and treasured indeed, Pearl Engagement Rings sure know the way to all of our hearts. Even if you’re relatively new to the world of jewelry, Pearl isn’t something you’d have not seen! And since the divine beauty of Pearl has brought you here, having a full-fledged look at this gorgeous beauty would only make you a bigger fan of it.

Thinking about proposing to your special someone with a Pearl Ring or don’t want to leave any stone unturned in making your big day special? Whatever the reason that brought you here may be, going through our Pearl Engagement Ring Guide is going to be a fun-filled ride covering everything right from what Pearl? Why Pearl? to Types of Pearl and a beautiful collection of Engagement rings to choose from. Hop on!

What is Pearl and a Brief History

Pearl: making us fall head over heels over its beauty since time immemorial. Pearl; refined, rich and royal! We know it’s tough to take eyes off its lustrous beauty but apart from it, it has long been known to symbolize purity, new beginnings and loyalty: something that helps Pearl radiate positivity like no other. History of Pearl Jewelry has it that while Romans hailed it as a divine jewel having ties with the moon, it was even referred to as the ‘Queen of gems’ by some symbolizing royalty. Such has been the craze that it has even been regarded as a Crown jewel of many cultures and a look is enough to justify that.

Why a Pearl Engagement Ring?

Having had ties with tradition for a very long time and also symbolizing love and loyalty makes Pearl an unbeatable choice to fashion our engagement rings with. Mind you, over time Pearl has created such an aura of its own that has made it one of the most elegant pieces out there. Whether combined with Diamond or any other gemstone, a Pearl Engagement Ring has become a sought-after option especially since Emma Stone’s fiance proposed to her with it. You should have seen the world going gaga! Romantic and royal, what’s there not to like? In fact, a glorious occasion like engagement calls for something just as divine, don’t you agree?

How to buy?

Heart beating fast? Can’t wait for your big day? We know and have seen it all! How to buy an Engagement Ring? What factors to look for? How exactly do you set out to buy pearl jewelry? Oh, the dilemma! Stand at ease, we got you covered. Let’s give you a glance at how exactly to buy a Pearl Engagement Ring.

  • Mix and match: You could always try to match your Pearl Ring with other diamonds/gemstones and see what works the best. While Diamond adds an extra tint of glitz and sparkle to your ring, other colored gemstones add a slightly vibrant touch to it. Everything boils down to your preference!
  • Pick your Style: Style is what makes us stand out and engagement is like an occasion to do just that! So, why not pick a unique style that matches your personality the best, making way for us to flaunt our style on our big day? While for some it is the classic solitaire or halo diamond pearl ring that has made an eternal place in all of our hearts, some like to make it more elaborate and artistic with a wrap ring or milgrain ring. Your style, your choice! The options are endless!
  • Choose your metal: Gold and pearl, the luster of both combined is something to go gaga over! And hey, there are options in gold too: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. While combining your Pearl jewelry with white gold gives it a more classic appeal, yellow gold blesses it with a warm and luxurious tone and rose gold adds a feminine touch to it.

Types of Pearl

The glittering glimmering world of Pearl is wide and versatile, whether you’re an admirer of white pearl and like more colors in their jewelry. It’s all up to you, what you prefer the most! let’s take a look at the different types of Pearl:

1. Freshwater Pearl

Nothing beats the serenity of white pearl, isn’t it? Hands down one of the most elegant options to stud engagement rings with! Freshwater Pearl, just like its name suggests, have a fresh, calming appearance symbolizing purity and innocence. Having a pure white hue, Freshwater Pearl Rings are a timeless classic to have.

2. South Sea Pearl

The golden glamorous hues of South Sea Pearl Ring are not something to miss! The sun-kissed glow of South Sea Pearl gives it a luxurious and lustrous appeal, something all of us are an admirer of, making it another admirable option for an engagement ring.

3. Tahitian Pearl

Bold, black and beautiful! Adding a dramatic touch with its greyish-black overtones, the Tahitian Pearl Ring also makes for a unique but equally fascinating engagement ring option for all the black pearl lovers out there.

Stunning styles to choose from!

Style statement: full of timeless beauties! Coming in a range of different styles, all glamorous in their own sweet way, here is Pearl Engagement Ring ensuring you never run out of options. Come, let’s give you a glance at our range of styles:

  • Solitaire: A classic, sophisticated, and equally stunning pick!
  • Halo: An elegant and elaborate engagement ring detailed with sparkling diamonds!
  • Vintage: Have we re-visited the Victorian Era? Be it an Art Deco Pearl Ring or a split shank ring, the Vintage collection of Pearl Rings is making us believe so!
  • Three Stone: A Three Stone Pearl Engagement Ring amplifies the elegance, satiny sheen, and glamour up to three times.
  • Eternity: For your eternal love, a rich and royal Pearl Eternity Ring.

In a nutshell…

Pearl is royal, Pearl is refined! Pearl has got everything a woman loves! There is a reason it has been adorned and admired by the likes of royalties for so long! Be it the emotional connection it carries or its elegant style statement, it has steadily made its way to being one of the favorites to embed engagement rings with!

Keeping with the craze, we have come up with our Pearl Engagement Ring guide to get you more familiar with it as well as excited to go ahead, trust your instincts, and buy one for the love of your life.

Right from why pearl and how to buy pearl ring to picking out some of the most beautiful engagement ring options for you, we have got it all covered. Having said that, here we sign off wishing you all the luck in finding the one for you!


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