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Styling Your Jackets, Shirts, and Jeans for Effortless Fashion

In the world of fashion, effortless style is often considered the epitome of cool. With Styling Your Jackets, Shirts, and Jeans, individuals can effortlessly transform their everyday outfits into polished ensembles that exude confidence and flair.

Fast forward – time has evolved, and with this, our favourite jeans, shirts, and jackets have come around with their creative modifications. ONLY resolves to add vivacity coupled with oomph and urbanity with its exciting assemblage of clothing.

Denim variations you can’t do without:-

  1. Skinny jeans: Talking of jeans for women, this category is a must-have in your wardrobe because of its ‘girl next door’ vibes. The comfort, body fit, and colours give it unparalleled versatility. Because of its skin fit, it accents the contours of your body, giving it a very flattery look. Cigarette jeans (lie just above the ankles) are another variation that could give a chic look to your informal bashes.
  2. Ripped jeans: If you ain’t have this one in your closet, you are kidding! Think of trending fashion – ripped jeans are on fire. Rips near the thighs, shin, or calves make a style statement. Wear it to your office rendezvous or kitty- this will definitely up your style game
  3. Flare jeans: This pattern, which is broad at the bottom (similar to boot cuts), will give you that vintage appearance. Pair it with casual T-shirts or boxy tops – this will give you a smashing look. 

Must-have shirts for women to kick up the notch:

  1. Formal shirts: The button-down type is the classic and evergreen design that one can don as office apparel. The elegant yet sophisticated element rendered in the shirt gives it a formal appeal. 
  2. Checkered shirts: The check pattern is the right choice when you want to dress to the nines. These are a la mode and seamlessly merge the formal and semi-casual mien making this one of the most sought-after designs.
  3. On-fleek shirts: This bracket includes many ingenious variants like the peplum frills, easy-breezy floral prints, hooded, and even denim shirts with a trendy appearance. Designers have also gone one step ahead by incorporating puffed, bell, layered, etc. sleeves in the shirts. 

Quintessential jackets for women in the closet:-

  1. Blazers: Your official wardrobe would be incomplete without blazers. Women can ace their formal wear by sporting a blazer and embracing sophistication with elegance.
  2. Trench coats: These give a very classy and ultra-glamorous feel. Nude shades such as beige or camel or stark colours like red or black, wearing any of these add to the chic quotient of the wearer.
  3. Contemporary jackets: There are many incredible variations in the jacket that would want you to add them to your ‘must-haves’ list. Some of these include denim, quilted, or shrugs, to name a few.


If you wish to adorn your fashion platter with inventive yet up-to-the-minute clothing pieces, ONLY is the right stop for you! Not only does it serve an array of one of its kind attires, but it also fulfills your secret wish of adding uber-smart clothing to your fashion corner. 


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