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Gift Baskets Are a Great Way to Celebrate Employee Milestones

It is important as an employer to recognize your employees when they reach certain milestones and accomplishments. It is an excellent way to motivate staff, to keep up morale and to keep staff loyal. One option when you have several different personalities working for you is to use baskets and gift delivery Auckland options. Hampers come in a range of types and budgets after all. Here is a look at the kind of milestones you might celebrate and the kind of gifts you might use.

Staff milestones

There are a lot of milestones or achievements you can recognize and celebrate with staff, and they do not all have to be within the workplace. It could be for promotions, when certain sales targets are met, for anniversaries of joining the company, completing certain training, getting industry awards, winning contracts, best team performance and so on. You can also offer a hamper or basket as a New Zealand gift delivery for birthdays, significant events like the birth of a child or a marriage, or some other personal happy occasions. The idea is to connect with them, show your appreciation and reward them. 

What gifts are going to be most suitable?  

There are a number of choices that are suitable for gifting to staff for different milestones as well as a hamper gift delivery Auckland. The reason why hampers make sense though is because it is easier to choose something that appeal to a lot of people. You can get all kinds of hampers nowadays suitable for certain occasions or for certain likes or food preferences or allergies. All you need to do is set a budget for each type of milestone. For something very special like working for the company for 25 years send something more luxurious than for something small like working there for 5 years. Think about how many gifts you can manage to send or hand out depending on the budget you are working with.

As well as gift baskets or hampers there are other options. You might choose to give away branded clothing for smaller things, and then special activities like a lunch or drinks somewhere special. Along with certain gifts, sometimes it might also be suitable to bring in cake and let staff have some downtime at work and enjoy some bonding time over some treats. During certain occasions, say Christmas it might be nice to send a New Zealand gift delivery hamper to each department for them to eat together during lunchtime. It is easy to cater to different dietary requirements, you can get a traditional Christmas hamper and then something less so for those who do not celebrate.


There are some sound business reasons to look after your employees and offer rewards at certain times. A person is more likely to want to stay working for you, they will talk about you in a more positive way, and they will feel noticed and will likely work even harder for you. Consider using gift hampers as that reward.


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